Driver Survey

Finding a carrier to lease your truck with can be a daunting process. We created this short survey to determine if our business plan is in line with your business plan. Many carriers promise the world, only after the ink is dry you discover that they lied. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Answer these short questions and find out if we are on the same page.

In a few words tell us what is most important to you when choosing a carrier to lease to..
I'm looking for a carrier that offers..
When finding loads I prefer...
Do you own/have access to a trailer?
When it comes to pay..
How many years have you been an Owner Operator?
What is your weekly revenue goal? (The amount you are wanting to make before any expenses.)
Would you like us to contact you?
What state do you live in?
Phone number. We wont call unless you request it
First Name

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