Knights of the Road

“I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another” –Thomas Jefferson

You don’t hear about it very often, but truck drivers do more good than most people know. You’ve probably read about the thirteen truck drivers who lined up on the freeway to save one man from attempting suicide. They were willing to assist the police in saving his life. In an article posted on about the incident says Lieutenant Mike Shaw mentioned that “he never has a shortage of truck drivers who volunteer to help prevent a suicide” (

Truck drivers are more than the kings (and queens) of the road they are Knights; they’re people who watch out for others. There are videos showing semis assisting police in stopping a chase, or stopping a possible car accident. I have even seen multiple trucks preventing cars from going into a construction zone on the highway. Some of them may seem to be in a hurry, but out on the road, they help keep the roads safe. Without the truck drivers that prevented that man from committing suicide, he could’ve succeeded and wouldn’t have another chance at life. Without those truckers who helped police stop a fleeing vehicle, the chase might have gone on a lot longer with the possibility of injuring people. So, when you pass a truck on the highway, give them a wave and a smile.

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