A Little Planning Can Prevent $17,000 Fines

This week in Hammer Lane, we look at a safety reminder from the FMCSA.

Route Planning in Action
Route planning saves on fuel costs, time costs, and FINE costs

TIP #1: Review Maps and Plan Your Route Before Driving

“Be sure to plan your driving route before getting behind the wheel so you can keep your schedule and prevent distractions that may occur while trying to read a map or directions.29 You may use electronic devices, such as a navigation system, to aid you when you are unfamiliar with the roadway. However, remember to use technology appropriately (pull safely to the side of the roadway or stop and take a break), otherwise it can be a source of distraction.”

“Did You Know? An independent CMV driver from Philadelphia received a $17,751 traffic ticket for exceeding the road weight limit when he got lost in a suburban neighborhood of East Whiteland Township, PA. He was unfamiliar with the area and had difficulty following the directions that were provided to him.30”

I got this from the FMCSA website. It’s a good reminder for all of us. I think the tendency over time, is to get lax in our trip planning. This can be dangerous and in the case of the Philadelphia driver very expensive. I have edited this article for size but you can read the whole article here.

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